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Zamak die casting processes

The 1960s

Tagliapietra s.r.l. was born in the sixties as a producer of technical articles for hardware. Thanks to constant innovation, the company identifies itself as a leader in hot chamber die casting of zamak and galvanic coatings, increasing its experience in the most diverse sectors and offering a 360° service.

The 2000s

In the 2000s Tagliapietra s.r.l.’s versatility helped them meet several companies’ requests and this led to a considerable increase of its production. The constant commitment of the company’s technicians initiated the automation of production processes that was then supported by its constantly updated expert staff.

Fundamental Principles

With the addition of new technologically advanced machinery, Tagliapietra s.r.l. has reached a level of computerization of its manufacturing that guarantees rapid and tailor-made services. The company is therefore ready to take over its customers’ challenges.
Constant customer support is also one of Tagliapietra s.r.l.’s philosophies: The customer is assisted step by step from the design to the realization of the product and this allows the company to optimize production both in economic terms and in terms of time and resource management.

Complete services:

we offer quality solutions.


Tagliapietra s.r.l. guarantees a safety-stock planned and shared with the customer.


maximum employee safety.


fast order fulfilment with customized packaging.

zamak moulds



in 3 hours

Tailor-made services for each project

  •  Feasibility study of the product.
  •  Technical and economical definition.
  •  Design and prototyping.
  •  Mould design and manufacture.
  •  Sampling and approval.
  •  Serial Production.
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Tagliapietra s.r.l. a green company

Constantly focused on a production process that is environmentally conscious and that complies with all regulations, Tagliapietra s.r.l. limits its emissions with special suction chambers, result of constant technical and economic investments. The environment designated for production is equipped with hydraulic presses with green-line technology, 3 electric presses, a centralized cooling system which is equipped with a system that operates in a closed circuit to limit the waste of water.

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For professional support,

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