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Die casting

The hot chamber die casting process

Zamak processing

The hot chamber die casting process was named after the injection system used. The melting furnace being placed next to each press allows the raw material to be melted and kept at the correct temperature during the die casting process which takes place directly inside the press. Tagliapietra s.r.l. has different modern machines and technologies available to casting zamak with precision and attention to detail:

  • Patented system that automatically loads zamak ingots in order to ensure a constant and correct feeding;
  • Luminous panels for the visual inspection of the production process;
  • Remote management of the production parameters.

Zamak die casting

Starting from the closed mould, the press controls, through pre-selected parameters, the movement of the injection piston which press the melted metal in the chamber, pushing it to go back up towards the mould cavity passing through the siphon and the nozzle. Once the mould cavities have been completely filled and wait a defined time for the solidification phase, the press will open the mould and activate the ejectors panel to extract the casting.
A light film of mould lubricant agent is applied to the two halves of the mould and the cycle is ready to start again.

phase 1 Zamak die casting
phase 2 Zamak die casting
phase 3 Zamak die casting

In terms of last generations machines Tagliapietra s.r.l. has complete digital presses available, equipped with a closed-loop management system and with the possibility of applying vacuum system technology where necessary.

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