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The versatile alloy suitable for any use

What is zamak?

Zamak is a very versatile alloy with a high zinc content, combined with small percentages of aluminum and copper. Given its composition, zamak is mainly indicated to be processed by hot chamber die casting.
What makes Zamak such an adaptable alloy suitable for every area of use are its physical and mechanical characteristics.



Zamak alloys are apparently similar, the only difference is the presence of copper in different percentages:

  • The ZL2 alloy (ZnAl4Cu3) is more resistant to traction and hardness;
  • The ZL3 alloy (ZnAl4) is more corrosion-resistant;
  • The ZL5 alloy (ZnAl4Cu1) is commonly the most used because of its good resistance to traction and impact as well as its high dimensional stability.


The low melting temperature of the zamak alloys guarantees very precise castings, repeatability and production quality, as well as an unmatched moulding speed. All the characteristics combined with the alloy’s properties, the treatments and the final finishes, make zamak suitable for even very complex components with highly competitive production costs.


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